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Disagree with two points.

1. Roots building resolve=problematic for classes that rely on roots to keep distance (sniper/gunslinger).
Also, I already have a problem with those pesky guardians/juggernauts that are immune to any sort of cc, including knockback for a duration...the longer they stay in a sniper's face the quicker the sniper dies, being able to keep melee classes at bay is the key to survival for the class.

2. Debilitate, electrocute, other 4m stuns being 1.5 second knockdowns is unfair. Every class gets a true stun why should 4m ones which are on ranged classes be nerfed to this? Yeah, multiple enemies beating on one player and stunlocking him is unfair, but what about some poor gunslinger who's trying to fight a melee one on one? Why punish everyone?

Would like to add that yes, I hate the way resolve is right now as much as the next guy. It's no fun when you get cc after cc after cc. And the game now rewards people for being careless with cc instead of punishing them. That's why you have all these knights and their uncles constantly using the aoe mezz, followed by stealthers mind-trapping twice in a row, and then proceeding to use their actual stun, etc. It's a nightmare of cc out there almost every match. But remember, it wasn't always like that. Want to know the best way to fix resolve? Simple. Just return it back to what it was before 1.4. Notice how there were very few threads about then. 1.4 is what broke it. They messed with something that wasn't broken, and so it broke.
Just think about what you said here..

First point.. Roots build resolve.

This system does not prevent you from keeping any warrior at bay. Remember that the resolve bar is decaying constantly at a rate of 50 points per second. Your root lasts 2 seconds and is on a 9 - 12 second cooldown. This means you can never fill the resolve bar in this fashion. All the system does is prevent players who "gank" targets from stunlocking their target for the entire duration of their health pool. Basically in a 1v1 situation.. you're never going to fill the resolve bar. However, if the warriors bar suddenly fills right up what it means is that he's being attacked by multiple targets and in which case your still fine because your buddies are supporting you.

Second point..

How is changing all the 4second stuns to ranged knockdowns unfair? ALL classes who have an ability that fits this description would change. Right now the biggest offenders for causing stunlocked players are the 4 second hard stuns. Sure we could simply remove these stuns completely from the game but if we did that how would we interrupt HD, ravage, ambush etc? This is why I elected to change the ability to a ranged knockdown. In fact debilitate would go from a 4m range to a 10m range so it is to a snipers advantage. Hell, the range of those abilities could be set back to 30m and even have a slow mechanic attached to them.