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Hello ladies and gentlebeings,
i decided to do little statistics today, as i played couple of warzones - so here we go:
Lo -lethality op
Co -concealment op
Mo -medic op
S -sniper (sniper play design is harder to recognize, so i just went with 'snipers')

No played normal WZ: 38
Lo = 0
Co = 4
Mo = 17
S = 25

DPS OPs are very rare beasts, with Lethality non-existant, few concealments. Snipers and Ops heals are fine.
Now, i new it was bad, but when you actutally start to do the numbers, you just see, how bad it is.
This is for everyone, saying, we're (DPS) fine and nothing needs to be done. I actually saw Mercenaries, that are considered very bad class in PvP atm. Lethality? None. Go figgure.

Edited - i will edit this personal statistics as i play more through the week.
Lethality Operative is pretty much a PvE spec. Long setup time (two dots and getting a TA). Most people don't survive that long in PvP. You won't even get KB's to generate more TA most of the time. Put it away.
Concealment is good, but the burst was toned down and probably will not be touched for a while. You get 1 4-5k opener and then meh. Compared to 2 4-5k railshots every 6 seconds. But it is generally a utility class with the ability to offheal and stealth guard.
Medic OP is great survivability. Evasion for ranged/melee and shield probe for tech/force.
Snipers one of the best DPS classes in the game.
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