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Huh, I thought I responded to this thread, but sifting through, I wasn't able to find my post, so I'll repeat what I intended to say:

I can definitely see where the OP is coming from, but I'd like to present the flip side of the argument.

As an Sith RP'er, I come across an inordinate amount of characters, saying TO THE FACE OF A SITH, that they do not care what the Sith have to say, that the Sith are stupid, etc. Now, it is perfectly valid for a character, or even a player, to have these opinions, and to share them with close, like-minded people. But the sheer number of characters who will brazenly insult the Force users with the reputation of being the most violent and unforgiving people in the Galaxy to their face --- then refuse to acknowledge that this would come with consequences --- drives me up a wall.

That said, there are faults on both sides, but when the proper balance is achieved on both sides, the RP runs great.
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