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11.05.2012 , 02:03 PM | #7
I mean, you can still do more damage as an Assault Vanguard from 30m than any other melee class in the game. Isn't that enough reason not to have charge?

You have the strongest basic attack in the game, thanks to Rain of Fire and the ability to proc Plasma Cylinder with it about half the time (since each use of Hammer Shots actually counts as about 7 separate attacks, each with a chance to proc Plasma Cylinder).

Your strongest attack, that has its cd reset every 6-9 seconds, has a 30 meter range.

Sticky Grenade, a still decent attack, is also 30 meters and available every 15 seconds.

And on top of this, you're the only melee class in the game that has almost ALL of its main abilities have a 10 meter max range (only Stockstrike requires you to come into melee range), making you the only class that can effectively kite other melee in the dead zone (between 4 and 10 meters, where you can't be charged).

I mean if you think a Vanguard still isn't deadly at range you're doing it wrong. When I play mine, I open with Rapid Shots (usually proc Plasma Cell within the first shot or two), Sticky, and High Impact Bolt. That's about 7-9k damage if everything crits, before you even come near melee range (2k Sticky crit, 1.5k Hammer Shot crit, 5k High Impact Bolt, 500 damage from Plasma Cell tick, or more...).

That is ridiculous. Name me any other melee class in the game that can hit you for 8k+ in 3-4 GCD's before entering melee range.