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Exactly. We have so many stories out there and if it weren't for Chee and Lucas keeping things orderly with the canon system, the Star Wars continuity would fall apart. That's what concerns me the most with this whole Disney thing. I'm waiting to see what Leland Chee does before I make any conclusions.
I would be worried too, but agian based on what's out there I think we've been assured of a few things already. 1) This is NOT going to be a re-boot. That's pretty much a guaruntee. 2) Timeline wise it's going to occur after Episode VI. 3) From what I have read and seen this was not a sale Lucas made lightly, and Lucasfilm will remain under the same management. It's just owned by Disney rather than Lucas though it sounded to me like Lucas will still get some input and Disney plans on remaining faithful to his vision and the very least, faithful to 'G-canon'. So it's not going to be a story that nullifies what came before it continuity wise. In fact, I think it has the potential to be the best there has been as it will be everything we'd hoped for out of the prequel trilogy minus Lucas' god aweful scripting.