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Your mainhand is one out of twelve. I'm sure you can scrounge up the other eleven pieces to be able to do an OPs run. If anything, I found PvE gearing to be way easier than PvP, I wonder if that's why you get the free PvP set..
I'm talking about the mainhand, which you either need to have a lucky roll on kp sm once a week or farm LI HM (which while the fp is balanced for someone almost in full columi it's probably not the easiest route).

I found getting both the BM offhand and mainhand on my main a lot easier than getting a columi mainhand drop. In fact I only replaced the BM hand weapons with rakata after getting two offhand drops on gharg in EV HM. My main being a sent that was easier but when gearing a class where it's not as easy as ripping the mods out of the offhand and you need the mainhand drops.

With PvP as long as you play well you get the comms (you can even lose and complete the dailies), you don't lose nothing or waste any time in gearing up providing you play well as the system rewards you on how you play with tradable comms that can be spent on any type of gear including weapons. For PvE apart from the weak tionese weapons you don't have that guarantee, it's either get lucky on a roll or try again next week. You can play through the entire 4 ops of any mode and come back empty handed.

IMO I don't think it's fair PvPers should be able to earn gear of similar quality to some of the PvE gear that easily, or it should be nerfed with the standard stats/weapon/armor ratings in order to make all PvE gear superior in all areas bar expertise of course.
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Thats no moon... thats a CARTEL COIN!