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Yes, I remember devs saying this, cba googling it though. But I think the wording was "phasing out" the reusables from Biochem.
Anyway, you should be making money with the Exotech stims. They steadily sell at around 18k - 20k a pop. Each craft will give you 3, 4 on a crit. So that's a nice number.
I only got two per craft. The info shows that you get three, but the info is obviously wrong.

They sell for about 13K on my server, and the mats cost me so much, I would rather not embarrass myself to say how much I spent crafting the six that I have. Put it this way, there is zero profit in it for me. Sure, I could grind out the mats myself, but at the time, I was more concerned with crafted the purple version, which I later found that I could not do.
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