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11.05.2012 , 10:37 AM | #370
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The only reason premade runners constantly object us PUGs from getting a PVP queue for ourselves is that they are afraid of losing thier fun of easy kills. We PUGs who are tired of being cannonfodder for overpowered Premade runners just want our part of fun with getting balanced fights.

If you premade runners are fancying a tough fights, you should be glad if we PUGs were in our own queue, since you should have to fight other Premade team, but instead you are all whining in here, objecting that we should get our own queue. That fact speaks for itself.

I rest my case.
I think most people that run premades who do not have enough guildies online for rateds would more than welcome separate queues if they would guarantee that times would not dramatically increase without cross server queues.

Anyways I still enjoy the fact that all people that pug are undergeard and always face a premade that is full WH min/maxed blah blah blah.