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Core changes..

Players have a 1000 point resolve bar. Resolve decays continuously at a rate of 50 points per second. Once the resolve bar is filled the player is granted "unstoppable" for 4 seconds. During this time the player cannot be stunned, rooted, slowed, knockdown or otherwise impaired in any way. Players who continue to stun "unstoppable" targets will still be filling the resolve bar and thus "refresh" the unstoppable duration. Basically the more stuns that get lobbed at you the longer you remain unstoppable. The unstoppable buff will be shown as a distinctive aura surrounding the target.

All the 4 second stuns such as debilitate and electrocute are turned into "10m ranged" knockdowns. These knockdowns last no more than 1.5 seconds and cannot miss, be dodged, deflected or resisted in any way. The reason for this change is to prevent players from "abusing" the stun mechanic. That is, multiple players ganking a target while they each take it in turns dumping their stuns.

If people must have there stuns then they would build resolve in the same manor as a mez.. See below. They would build 300 resolve per second.

All mezzes are left unchanged and build resolve at a rate of 150 points per second under the mez. Keep in mind that resolve is decaying at a rate of 50 points per second so the net resolve build is 100 resolve per second. This means that full resolve is granted after 10 seconds of mezz. This is sufficient to allow tactical node capping without breaking the mechanic.

All pulls, pushes and knockdowns build a flat 300 points of resolve.

Roots build 150 points of resolve per second under the effect.

Force choke and carbonize are left unchanged. They both build resolve at a rate of 300 points for every second under the effect.

Slows do not build resolve.

The breakstun ability is altered so that it immediately grants a full resolve bar. This will facilitate a more tactical use of the ability. It's cooldown is left unchanged and it can only be used if you are under a controlling effect.