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Im so glad there are people like you in the game to do these number crunches, makes gearing my first tank so much easier xD

I read the old Sith Warrior thread on tanking stat priorities before I started grinding out gear for my own shadow tank and so far Ive got 24k HP (buff, no stim), 40.25% dam red, 27.68% def, 45.41% shield and 58.30% absorb and stil need a few more Campaign pieces.

My question is though, as Shadow tanks, is it more worth while for us to us switch to a few pieces of gear that favor EHP over mitagation on bosses where we can't mitagate most of the damage? (Ex: Stormcaller, TFB 2nd phase [utilizing Force Cloak for gear switch]).
Ty in advance!
ive been using my gear set in all encounters and have never noticed a problem. once your all set with full campaign min maxed out youll be close to 25k HP with a stim, which is more than enough.

to over simplify things its better (in my opinion) to have mitigation and not need it (since from my experience 25k is more than enough mixed in with cool downs and even cloak to survive the worst case scenario fairly easily for a sustained amount of time) then to need it and not have it, thus putting unnecessary strain on your healers on EVERY fight.

this is all personal opinion, and i do believe the redesigned resilience plays a part in swaying my choice, but i have seen shadow tanks that have opted for the high endurance gear and they tend to be much more difficult to manage as a healer and simply dont have the meens of staying alive for sustained periods of time.

(My secondary raid char is a commando healer that i am taking part of every encounter with as well)

so coming from me, id recommend sticking with mitigation although i know alot of people will disagree with me.
so do you. if you want a little more HP for the vanity and believe its the way to go,then go ahead but just be sure to not over do it.