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11.05.2012 , 09:00 AM | #40
All right, I spent some time reading on the site and watching some interviews and have formulated an opinion. Ok, in the Matthew Bromberg interview he said that they were going to be continuing story content but that it would not come out as frequently as the operations and warzones since it is both expensive and, more importantly, highly time consuming. However, he did say that they were going to be coming out with more story content. As for the dev team being purged, I know for a fact that the dev who did most of work for the Consular story is gone, yet the dev who did the knight story is now the lead writer. This does not seem like surrender on story content but more like a course correction for the direction that the story will take. The consular story was one of the less popular while the knight got rave reviews so it seems to me like Bioware and EA are going to continue the story and have put their most skilled writer in charge. Just my two creds though I admit that I am not an expert.