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This in turn means that the severity of the "worst case scenario" is not any more dire in a progression environment. Twenty seconds! That's almost the half the cooldown on Resilience!
this is even more true now that they redesigned resilience. over the course of a raid the average cool down time on my resilience is just over 32 seconds. granted my stats are 25k HP, 40.25% damage reduction, 33.33% defense, 66.8%shield and a 61% absorption. so my build is built entirely around mitigating as much and as often as possible. to date MY HP have never been a problem in any encounter even with sub par healers that we are just dragging through. i pride myself of having the highest possible mitigation (i am speaking of course on average mitigation, and im aware these stats are not mathematically optimal, but the difference between my build and the optimal build is only a tenth of a percent) obtainable with 61 modifications.