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I'm pretty sure you will get decent to good PvE gear while you level your toon. I'm not sure, let my log and look at it...

Also I'm pretty sure you can complete at least 90% of the flashpoints with decent lvl 45+ pve gear and you will easily get a group of people with the same gear rating to play with you.

On the pvp side you cannot get a decent pvp gear before lvl 50 (you can farm it before) and joining a warzone with 13-14k hp is not funny for you and your team especially when this 13-14k hp is from pve gear. Also, if the recruit gear is beter for pve than your pve gear you just need to get it till you have something better.

Stop posting useless things on the forum with a lack of logic. There is a free pvp gear only because pve queens cried to get one and now they cry because this free pvp gear isnt a full augmented WH gear. According to them everyone should get a free WH gear at 50 to make things fair for the pve'er while there should not be a free Campain/Black hole gear for every fresh 50.

Basicaly, people like you want the easy and QUICK farm for gear to be inexistant so there is going to have less things to do and absolutly no reward for being good/have played for a long time.

boohoo Bioware gimme free stuff, I dont want to farm gear in a faster way than the actual top geared players, its unfair, they had to farm their gear in a more RNG based way and in a harder way therefor I should get free stuff.

Nice try,bad idea
Guarding a healer is not only the job the the skill ''guard''. It is also your job to stay around the healer to be a plague for the people attacking the healer.