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11.05.2012 , 08:35 AM | #12
Expertise is a stupid and broken stat, and BioWare's insistence on using it instead of using something akin to Bolster at 50 is the only reason Recruit gear is even in the game.

They never wanted to give ANY handouts, but fresh 50s were getting evaporated even more badly than they are now when they hopped into a WZ against people in full BM+ level gear.

So, rather than fix what was really broken (gear-based PVP), they threw a bandaid on the wound.

You can get full Columi in less than a week thanks to Group Finder, along with enough Tionese comms to fill in any missing stuff with the lower-level gear.

Additional hand-holding is most certainly not needed, and should not be added to satisfy peoples' sense of entitlement.