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I can speak about my own experience as someone who had never done pvp outside this game, and has only started pvping recently (after levelling several 50s, I thought I'd give it a try). I will say upfront I'm not a great player and need much improving with skill and situational awareness, however as a healer I've had fun and seen myself doing pretty decent numbers for a mostly recruit geared char. However, when I find myself in a group against a premade it takes all I have not to quit (I don't like leaving wzs). I usually last about 15 secs alive and it's like stun-stun-dead. It makes me consider whether I'm really wasting my time trying to get BM gear, since I will never, ever, be able to compete with this kind of players. So yes, it is really disheartening and maybe that is the way it should be, but it sure doesn't make new or undergeared players want to persevere.
About to head to work so I'll reply to the other's before you later (Oh noes, Doom has a job? No way, he's a no-lifing premader with over 9000! hours a week to play)

Sorry, that wasn't directed at you.

Any way, I fully understand being smashed as a healer sucks. Done the grind on 2 healers now, eating stuns, sentinels, and every FF on the board.

I encourage you to keep at it though. I'm not sure your time constraints, but as a healer getting into a fairly decent guild should be easy. They always need more healers. You've been on the receiving end of a good team, and I think you'd really benefit from seeing a good team protect you. Guards, taunts, peels... ah, it makes a healer cry with joy.

I see you where I was awhile ago. Stuck on the cusp of carefree scrub life and true pvp. Keep at it, find yourself a team and a mentor, and may the force be with you =P