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Currently you have new 50'es who join a WZ, get smashed by a premade, never to return to PVP again due to a REALLY BAD experience that was NO FUN.
So, why did they get smashed?

Was it because they ran into a premade or was it because they decided to go all Rambo and charge into a 2 on 1 fight in full recruit because they could do it in the 11-49 bracket and win?

Or have they simply never PvPed before, got the recruit gear, and jumped in expecting to be competitive only to find out that they aren't and got their feelings hurt?

In either case, the exact same thing could have happened in PUG WZ.

A guildie of mine is a perfect example of it.

He had PvPed very little in the 11-49 bracket and jumped head long into the 50 in full recruit gear playing a Shadow. Instead of playing smart he decided to go out solo hunting and got lit up, and killed, by everything he came across.

Afterwords, he was complaining and blaming the premade that was in the WZ for ruining his fun. However, after talking to him, it became clear that what ruined his fun, was that he had no idea of how to actually participate in the 50 PvP bracket.