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Really interesting build that would really fit my play style (been looking for something solid to replace a modified IF build with since the nerf), but you prefer the 4 pc SC bonus over the 4 pc CT bonus? What kind of damage are you putting out in a good voidstar with constant fighting? Hows the survivability w/o the extra shield/absorption/defense/endurance from the SC set and talents? Really like the build but really want to know how it performs before i drop a ton of money on remods and time on getting more war hero.
200k damage/200k protection in a long voidstar is average for me so far, a little more with lots of heals and less when the other team throws 3-4 on me at all times, but when they focus me like that we tend to win faster because it frees up the rest of the team to cap. For me I never found that stacking shield/absorbtion for pvp did much good as opposed to just hitting 30/30 and leaving it at that. Currently have 20k Hp also as I have put augment slots in every piece. I normally taunt,then aoe taunt, then fire pulse, ion pulse,stockstirke,gut,explosive surge,pulse cannon at three stacks and uninterruptable. Rinse and repeat. If the autocrit on HiB has procced I'll toss that in. They key really is getting back to a 10m range after gut when fighting melee. Beware the makes me cry.
Oh as far as gear goes, I think the CT set with super commando weapon,shield,implants, and earpiece would do just as well.



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