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First, PVE players also get the free Recruit gear.

Second, PVP and PVE works completely differently.

In PVE you have several tiers of content. Level 50 FP -> HM FP -> SM OPS -> and so on...
If BW gave out free gear equivalent of what you get in for example SM OPS, then all lower tiers would be irrelevant.
(...and the lowest tiers are already irrelevant because PVE people get the free Recruit gear)

In PVP, you have only one tier (or two, if you'd want to count ranked as a different tier, which IMO you shouldn't).
You cannot have people in questing gear in the same WZ as people who have WH/EWH because it would be impossible for the people in questing gear to get anything done, which would be bad for everyone.
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