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Where as the knight storyline is epic in it's cannon greatness, the warrior is epic if you like the quest for power type of storyline.

Agent is good if you like the cloak and dagger type of stories. I thought it was ok, but I don't really like double agent type of stories.

I loved the first two acts of the trooper, but the last act feels rushed and completely unrelated to the initial storyline.

I personally enjoyed the end of act 2 and all of act 3 of the consular story line, it gets a bad wrap because it startsnout so weak and useless.

The bounty hunter storyline is great if you play mostly dark side and enjoy wisecracks laced with real threat. There is a part of the storyline during alderaan that I absolutely treasure and you can get only through being dark side.

Smuggler was really boring and implausible to me, but to each their own.

SI seems so far pretty standard for a sith, backstabbing and the search for power through artifacts, but I'm still just at the beginning.
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