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I play my Vanguard as a semi-ranged class.
Meaning I know when to stay out of a melee fight and when to go in.
If there are a lot of lightsaber wielding maniacs, I try to stay at range and soften them up before they finally decide to charge me, however, if there are more ranged classes I charge right in there and start whacking away.
With the amount of marauders out there, going into a melee fight is just a bad idea, no matter how you put it, in a melee fight, the marauder will always win, unless he is really undergeared.
Juggernauts are a 50/50 chance to win, which is how it should be, same with assassins and operatives, but I see a lot more marauders out there than any of these.
Anyway, we have abilities for both range and melee, the trick is to know when to use what, insted of always charging into the middle of a fight first thing.

This is just my opinion, I am not speaking for anyone but myself.
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