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11.05.2012 , 03:17 AM | #3
The merc is generally regarded as the worst dps class in the game for of the best for pve if ur arsenal.

personally im heals, but i did level as arsenal then pyro, do not ever go arsenal in pvp lol, u can do some amazing dps, my best was 243k at level 24...but i died an unholy amount of times, pyro is fun in pvp, but bioware managed to mess it up by making it different to vanguards pyro with the nice proc. overall if u want to play a class for pvp, roll the assassin, u will only be disappointed by the merc unless u roll heals...

don't let ppl tell u the whiners ect are wrong mercs are fine,... their not, if ur maybe the 1% that are rly amazing players, then ull be fine...but honestly their the 1% for a reason.