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In response to the argument on the cloning, here's something I just got off the wiki:
They were built by Spaarti Creations, on the planet Cartao. They seem to have their origins in Khommite cloning technology, which had for a millennium been developed to a level far surpassing that of the rest of the galaxy.
Cloning cylinders were thought to have been destroyed during the Battle of Cartao, but many units survived. The Galactic Republic used Spaarti clones to complement the Kaminoan clone army. At the near end of the Clone Wars, all but a few were unaware that Supreme Chancellor Palpatine had secretly commissioned a second clone army, which differed from the Kamino-bred Fett clones in two primary ways: they were grown to maturity in roughly one year as opposed to ten years, and they were created on Centax-2 instead of Kamino. Omega Squad noticed this, adding to their suspicions about Chancellor Palpatine's intentions. The clone troopers of the 14th Infantry Brigade were among the first generation of Spaarti-grown Fett clones and vanguard of what was to come in Palpatine's New Order.
The spaarti pods are a very different technology from the kaminoan cloning pods, and the republic found and used them. Then palpatine, emperor and all that happened