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Yeah, if you take that quote of him saying "It's not how I would have done it" out of context, then you would also have to say that the entire post-RotJ Expanded Universe isn't Canon. It was his point of view on what he would have done if he had written anything after Episode VI. In that same interview, he said that his story was finished when Episode VI ended. Now, Leland Chee has already stated that post-RotJ Expanded Universe material IS C-Canon. When Leland Chee was explaining C-Canon, he said it was the vision of LucasArts and the authors therein that went beyond George's vision. Leland Chee isn't going to go over his boss's head on that, if he values his job. George also said that the storyline in The Force Unleashed and TFU II are G-Canon. Contradictory statements there, considering that the Cloning Process in TFU is exactly the same as the cloning process in the Thrawn Trilogy. Coruscant was named in post-RotJ C-Canon, as well. It became G-Canon when George used the name in the Prequels. The list goes on and on. The point is that you can't take everything George says seriously. That way lies madness.
Good thing Leland Chee no longer Answers to Lucas .
G-canon = D-Canon ...............we will have to wait to see what changes will be made EU wise but Disney already stated 1-6 will remain Canon , I suppose the D-Canon as of now.

You can take Lucas quote by quote , its how he wanted it . Lucas made so many Canon layers its retarded , and often belittled the fans and writers . He did it to Protect his main vision and so EU wouldn't impact future Movies or Stories he wished to tell .
Now we will see a more Combined and well advanced StarWars with more editors and possibly with Chee decided Canon ................but that was not said yet . All we know is Chee will remain in his current job title but Kennedy will be his boss now and Disney hers !
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