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11.05.2012 , 01:14 AM | #13
I have to agree the deception tree, or in fact assassins needs something to boost their sub stats up.
I mean here are few example to point out. Snipers get 3% accuracy and 3% crit if speccd, Mara/Sent can get 6% force crit(only) and a total of 6% accuracy is spcced in the middle tree or just 3% acc. Merc's can get 6% crit i believe as well. And i cant speak of other classes since i dont know anything about.

This is how my stats look fully buffed + rakata stim, (should used exotech)

My stats are are a little behind yours, however though I am missing a few more pieces of BH items. Im missing 2x 61 MOD's, Hilt 26, 3x Resolve Armoring 26. I dont know if i did had these items if my bonus damage would be 1000+ (with exotech stim) but that not the point here, the fact that other classes have over 1030-1100 bonus damage is just nuts. In addition we have to sacrifice certain stats, for assassins you have to give up 1 thing to increase an another.

Even though deception got changed in 1.4 i still think madness better, in fact duplicity is much better for madness. Before 1.4 i had 1 point spced into this so if it procc i would use maul. Now its much better since i have 3 points in that now and with unhearthed knowledge active + duplicty your maul hits just as hard as if you were spccd into decep.