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11.05.2012 , 12:34 AM | #1
So, my merc just hit 50. first thing i did was buy both war hero medic blasters and got the full recruit set. Over 1.1k expertise so im not getting completely wrecked, making early 50 pvp enjoyable. Where does PvE come into all of this? I understand there is no recruit equivelant in PvE and i find this quite frustrating. If PvPrs (i am one fyi) get a free set giving them a decent 1k expertise boost and an awesome way to get started in pvp, why do PvEs have to grind flashpoints all day and maybe even que for storymode ops? those take forever because most of the people who que for them have no clue how to pve at 50, its not linear based questing anymore.....

im not asking bioware to send free full sets of columi to fresh 50s (although i dont feel thats asking much) but what i want to know is why.

Thanks for responses guys.
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