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- Results from APAC/USA Server Comparison -

Hi guys,

Just to quickly recap, on Saturday 2nd November I played for 18 hours (2pm-11pm local time) with 9 hours dedicated to Master Dar'Nala and The Bastion respectively. Identical characters, playing only Warzones.

At the head of each hour I took notes on populations on each planet from the Republic Faction, as well as the number of LVL50's logged in. Here is a link to the spreadsheet with those results, including % differences from the highest total. you very much for your dedication....

Here are the Warzone Statistics...

In 9 hours of playing Warzones
Master Dar'Nala: Reached LVL 12, played 17 Warzones
The Bastion: Reached LVL 14, played 32 Warzones

On Master Dar'Nala that meant a pop of 1.8 games per hour. We could not even manage to get 2 warzones an hour.
On The Bastion that meant a pop of 3.5 games per hour.

If your average Warzone lasts 15 minutes, that means that each hour:
Master Dar'Nala: 33 minutes spent waiting in the Que each hour
The Bastion: 7.5 minutes spent waiting in the Que each hour

Over half of each hour spent waiting for a pop.

Thanks for all the support guys. These numbers are terrible, we all know how hard it is to play on the APAC servers, this just proves it.

Link to it - use the stats as you will and let's try and get BioWare to do something about this. My hope is for a server merge. The community on APAC has a real sense of character, fun and friendliness and, obviously, there is significant server lag if you want to play on a US server. It makes it that much more difficult.

Cheers all!
Thank you very much for your dedication...the results are not unexpected