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You misunderstand. In order for me to even find out if I can Reverse Engineer these items, I must first take 20 Black Hole Comms, buy the Schematic. Once I buy the Schematic I have to find the Mats to create the Exotechs...which costs a ton of cash. Then I have to sit for 45 minutes while they are being crafted. Only when they are finished being crafted, after wasting time, credits and black hole comms, can I learn if they can be Reverse Engineered.
Or you could of gone to the GTN, looked up the stim, hit the RE button on you inventory and mouse over the item from the GTN listing. It'll show your RE chances with out having to buy or make the item in the first place.

But answer is no you can't RE Exotech and the Devs stated a while back that all future levels of comsumables will not have a reusable counterpart. rakata will be the last reusables you can ever get unless the Devs change their minds.