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There have been no significant changes to Scoundrel healing since 1.2 so the guides are still good if that's what they're based on.

As a healer you don't have a rotation as such, as your main job is to react to what happens. I like to keep SRMP up on someone at all times even out of combat to proc Upper Hand - going into a fight with 3 stacks of UH is incredibly helpful. Typically I'll throw this at myself or the tank. Upper Hand is your friend. It also enables your instant-cast heal for emergencies. Put pugnacity up before entering combat so as soon as you start using energy, you're regenerating it. As a sawbones you are the most mobile of the healing classes in the game and you have great utility, so make the most of that mobility with SRMP and Emergency Medpac - they're not the big flashy heals but you'll actually do a lot of healing over time. Don't try play like a sage. Play like a scoundrel and you'll out-heal most sages anyway.

The Rakata set bonus on Soundrel healer gear isn't as good as the bonus for some classes. The Battlemaster 2-piece set bonus is good though - a 15% increase to your multi-target heal is not to be sniffed at. If you like PVP, consider grinding a little extra to get Battlemaster gloves and boots and putting PVE mods in them. (I don't PVP on my scoundrel but do on my Operative and this is the route I'm planning on taking with her.)
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