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Chapter 11

Quinn was in the Temple Security Force’s barracks when Kira came to visit him. She had a look of concern on her face and for a moment he wondered if she had come seeking more medical help.
“You know Jaesa?” Kira asked.
Quinn tensed. He hadn’t realized she’d been able to hear him–he’d thought she was unconscious. He sighed and turned to her.
“I do,” he said.
“Your accent…you’re Imperial,” Kira said.
Quinn nodded resignedly. “I am. Are you going to arrest me now? Because I would prefer a quick death to what will happen if my Lord finds out I was taken alive.”
Kira shook her head. “Tell me what you are doing here, on Tython?”
“I cannot divulge those details,” Quinn replied, and his hand unconsciously wandered toward his blaster.
Kira raised a hand. “Don’t.”
He sighed. “I would rather die fighting than be captured and forced to tell you why I’m here.”
Kira nodded. “I figured. Just tell me this: are you going to kill anyone?”
Malavai shook his head. “No, I will not.”
Kira nodded. “Then do what you have to do. But be gone in a day.”
Quinn nodded. “Thank you.”
Kira began to walk away. “And tell Jaesa I said hello.”

Methic’s crew was currently docked on the Ziost Shadow, because once again the Sith Lord was off on a mission of critical importance…which apparently was too important for Pierce to participate in.
All he knew was that Methic had gone to deal with an alien race called the Gree, and that is was so hush-hush he didn’t even know what planet it was on.
So Pierce went back to his new favorite place, the training grounds. Not surprisingly, Kaliyo and some of the others were there. She had her crossbow, but it was strapped across her back and she was currently punching the dummy.
Talos Drellik, a scrawny little man, was sitting in the back corner of the room, deciphering glyphs on a stone tablet that looked like it dated to the reign of Marka Ragnos.
“Does he ever do anything else?” Pierce asked Andronikos.
The pirate shook his head. “Unless he’s with Lord Nox, no.”
Pierce shook his head, then pulled out his rifle and began shooting at the target. Khem Val, the giant Dashade, entered and stormed toward Andronikos.
“You,” the Dashade said. “You were the last one to see Ashara. Where is she?”
“Who’s Ashara?” Pierce asked.
“One of Lord Nox’s apprentices,” Andronikos replied. “I don’t know, Khem. She told me she was staying on the Fury.”
“She lied,” Khem said flatly. “She is gone.”
“You don’t think she made a run for it, do you?” Andronikos asked. Then, for Pierce’s benefit, he said, “Ashara used to be a Jedi, but was captured by Darth Nox. She has served him well so far, but she detests his acts of cruelty.”
“So you think she’s making a run back to the Jedi? Or just away from Nox?”
A voice said, “No. I’m right here.”
Ashara entered from one of the back hallways.
“I was on the command deck, observing Lord Nox’s mission. It…isn’t going well. The Gree have summoned a giant…thing. A…terror.”
Pierce shook his head. Methic, my friend, I hope you are okay.