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CHRONICLES PRESENT, 53: In which a faster search method is decided upon

Time period: During Master Rho's campaign

Nalenne was curled up with a comic book in an armchair that had been brought into the conference room. Insanity Company's officers could sit around the big table; Nalenne, as the ranking person on the ship, could observe and comment, but she let Quinn do the boring things like actually run the meetings.

Jaesa sat on a couch beside Nalenne, reading the latest Mynock bootleg on a datapad. She claimed she wanted to be there to observe and learn, since she was after all Nalenne's apprentice. Everyone knew that Jaesa was actually there in a forlorn attempt to influence Nalenne to practice moderation or something like it. The officers, being accustomed to the oddities of Sith, didn't even try to talk Jaesa out of that idiocy.

Quinn paced before the Sith and officers. "Our predictions on the Jedi's movements have yielded nothing. The pattern is changing. The only question for us is how to pick up his trail again. While I trust your capabilities, I am reluctant to split our operations just now; therefore we must get a location with some degree of confidence."

"We could ask him," said Jaesa.

Nalenne looked up and blinked. "What?"

"We could ask Master Rho. If he's being manipulated by Lord Scourge, he deserves to know about it. He may even help us stop him."

"But we would kill him the minute Lord Scourge is gone," said Nalenne. "I don't think he would like that part."

Quinn looked intrigued. "My lord, consider it as a Jedi would. He would agree to such a plan in the hopes of defeating our common enemy and would furthermore lack the foresight to lay preparations to strike when the reason for the alliance is resolved. We could take advantage of his trust."

"Or we could genuinely work with him," Jaesa said stubbornly, "for the greater good."

"Jaesa," said Quinn. "Master Rho's idea of the greater good is destroying the Empire. We must use him to stop Scourge and then immediately stop Rho himself. That is fundamentally incompatible with a good-faith alliance."

"I order you not to tell Rho that," Nalenne warned Jaesa. "He would take it hard."

Jaesa struggled to force her baby face into a judgmental scowl. "And we wouldn't want to upset him, would we, master."

"Oh, I want to upset him," said Nalenne. "I'm just not going to do it 'til we have what we want from him."

"I love you," said Quinn. Nalenne looked at him and beamed.

"My lord?" said Captain Rutau. "We can't find this Jedi. How are we going to find out how to call him?"

"I always figured he was in the holo database under 'Bleeding Hearts' or something," said Nalenne. "Or we could just torture Jedi until we find one who knows."

"That's not necessary," blurted Jaesa. "II have Kira's holofrequency."

Nalenne rounded on her. "Jaesa! I told you if you spoke to her again I would have your brains for soup!"

Jaesa scrunched up her nose. "If you eat my brains I can't give you Kira's frequency."

"Ugh," said Nalenne. "Don't be like that. Come on. We'll call Kira and warn her, all right? Then we hunt down Lord Scourge and you go let loose on him like I've been teaching you."

Ensign Rylon looked up from the vibroknife he had been fiddling with. "There'll still be some action for the rest of us, right, my lord?"

"Master Rho is mine to face," said Nalenne, "though you're all welcome to shoot him in the back while I have his attention. And all his friends are open season."

"Except for the doctor," added Quinn. "He is mine, so steer clear. Ensign, my target was on Balmorra for a time; you'll know him when you see him."

"No, I won't, sir." Rylon shrugged apologetically. "Memory wiped."

"Well. Um." Nalenne tried to think of a more helpful identifier. "If you see anything more self-satisfied than Lord Scourge, let Quinn handle it."
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