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11.04.2012 , 07:28 PM | #358
I'm seeing this more and more on The Progenitor too, premades from Requiem & Sith Dominion roflstomping undergeared/unorganized PUG's for lolz rather than fighting equal opponents in ranked. I don't mind facing them too much, but it makes for boring matches even when I'm in the same team as one of these premades. I'm also noticing a decrease in people queue'ing up for warzones due to the premades, leading to longer queue times for me.

My suggestion: Create 3 warzone tiers instead of the current 2. One tier as it is now but that allows a max of 2 players to queue together, and which rewards the normal warzone commendations. A second tier for small groups of 2-4 players that rewards a mix of warzone and ranked warzone commendations, and finally the ranked warzones for full teams of 8 as it is now.
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