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It depends what you find fun: (1) pretty graphics, (2) lots of abilities in the rotation or (3) rotations that require thought. SImilarly, some people really enjoy DoT specs (4) or seeing big numbers (5) flying off the enemy.

For 1: I strongly recommend Arsenal Merc or AP PT, they just loot amazing. Some people really like the Force Lightning look, in which case I'd add Lightning Sorc to the list. IMO, the mirrors of these classes don't look as cool, and this is probably the only criterion were mirror classes aren't equal.

For 2: Vigilance Guardian/Vengence Jugg are great, the rotation is a little borked due to Plasma Brand CD vs DoT duration but thats for another thread. I suspect a few of the Marauder/Sentinel specs are in this category too but I've yet to bite the bullet and make one.

For 3: Vig Guard/Veng Jugg again. Scrapper/Concealment. I've heard that Annihilation Marauders (and the Sent tree but the name escapes me) are also pretty tough to play well but again can't confirm. Alternatively, roll a tank or healer: that's where the real thought is.

For 4: Lethality Sniper/Dirty Fighting 'Slinger or Madness/Balance ACs are pretty much the bread and butter here. All are pretty fun but take a bit to set up and don't change targets very quickly. Great on bosses, sub par on trash.

For 5: Marksman Sniper and PT Pyro/Assault Vanguard probably have the biggest discreet hits. Honestly, despite the simple rotations, they are both a lot of fun. Sniper having more utility and general abilities than Pyro/Assault. Worth noting that Sniper has bigger numbers fly off the enemy than 'Slinger due to weapon mechanics (1 big hit vs 2 smaller hits).

I'll also highlight someone further up wrote that Assault was a fun spec for PT. Assault is the Vanguard mirror of Pyro. That same person was claiming that Pyro wasn't what you were after.
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