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11.04.2012 , 07:04 PM | #1
Hello everyone,
Earlier today I was running a timed NiM Karagga's Palace timed run, had a great group, and had plenty of time left during the Jarg and Sorno fight, one of our healers disconnected. We tried to finish the fight but wiped, then spent the next 45 minutes trying to get a healer. So now we still had 45 minutes left, but after the G4-B3 Fabricator fight another healer dc'd. Spent another 25 minutes trying to get another healer. 20 minutes left, and because of the disconnections we couldnt get the title, and we have to wait until Tuesday (atleast) to try again. The point of this is, we need a pause mechanism or something, to stop the timer temporarily until the group fills up again, or the person re-connects.

It gets very tiring having groups that dispand cause we cant find a person, especially so if you have a super geared group that is doing amazing. Please Bioware, please, put in an option to pause the timer, but add in a system to not let you damage anything inside or something like that. In closing, Bioware, please put in an option for this. I MIGHT also post in the suggestion box forum if you would like to check there for a post.