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Quote: Originally Posted by MonkeyCannon View Post
I am not a troll. Sent you a PM.

From what I can tell using other missions, the crit chance is largely the same. I haven't rolled a slicer until after 1.4
First and foremost, I realize that you weren't one of the trolls complaining about players setting their prices to high.

Sorry, was trying to address multiple issues in a single reply as I didn't really want to reply individually.

Second, your premise is still incorrect (sorry, but it is). This is not Vegas. The crit chance from crew skill missions is a hardset number. The likelyhood of a crit occurring is SET IN STONE. It is a percentage chance set by the Devs. Nothing that you or I do can change that.

While I respect your voicing your opinion that folks should not expect anything from this "crit chance" I also disagree. This IS NOT Vegas. ALL crew skills have a chance to crit, and as such, a SET chance to gain a higher benefit. The price we pay to receive that bonus is time. Once again, this is not Vegas. If we don't get the crit, we lose time, nothing more.

My question is simply whether or not this crit chance has been adversely affected by the latest patch; and I mean this as "not intended". If the Devs come back and say that this was intended, well, it's their game. I was simply trying to find out if it was NOT intended - and then some folks showed up complaining that people set prices too high and should settle for less on the GTN (and if you re-read I'm sure that you'll see that what they truly mean is that every other player in the game should simply give them whatever they want for no cost - or even pay them to take mats...)

I realize that this wasn't your take on the whole thing; didn't mean it to come off like that - as I said, I was replying to many with a single post.

That said. Your premise still does not hold water. I'm saying this politely. Crit chance for things such as healing and damage is no different than crit chance for crew missions. The Vegas comparison is completely out the window as there is no downside in crit chance (i.e. we don't lost something - damage, heals, etc, if we don't crit - we simply stand a chance to occasionally gain something). It is, and has been, no different with crew skill missions. We don't LOSE something if we don't crit, we simply have a chance to gain something if we do.

The question still remains: was this crit chance DRASTICALLY REDUCED. It does seem like it has been. If this was INTENDED, then we have to deal with it - as I stated before, this is their game and they have the final decision on making these type of changes. My question is more about "was this intended?". How can you miss that?

As for your PM to me about builds that have nothing to do, whatsoever, with crit chance, I beg to differ. I'm not trying to flame you whatsoever; on the contrary, I'm taking a lot of time to explain something. With any class in this game (as the game stands now) you want your crit chance at around 30%. The way this game currently works, 30% crit chance (up to 35% depending on the class and build) is what you should shoot for. This is NOT dictated by us, it's been capped and set by the Devs.

It doesn't matter which build you use; you are losing a tremendous amount of capability if you choose to go with "crit chance is just chance, so I'm going to completely ignore it, stack something else, and leave my crit chance at zero".

You are entitled to play any which way you like, but right now (and until the Devs change the facts of gameplay) you are losing an INCREDIBLE amount of capability if you take the "Vegas" - "Crit is luck" - "Not gonna do it" form of play.

What you need to understand is that you are not all-knowing, all-seeing, all-understanding about how everything in this game works. Play your own way but please don't tell me that I am wrong for playing my way. At the least, agree to disagree.

I wish you the best of luck, but I would not group with you. That 30-35% crit chance is EXTREMELY important no matter your class - and it's no different for crew skill missions.