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Why all the doom and gloom when the EU has been specifically stated by Lucas, Chee and others at LA as being in a parallel universe to the movie universe(incluing TCW tv series) for years now? Sometimes the two universes run together as in novelizations of the movies, specific characters and the like, but they are meant to not intrude on each other.
The EU has always been my favorite part of Star Wars. For me, I feel like doom is in the air because I'm worried that Disney might do away with the EU entirely. They might yank the novels and comics and video games off the shelves so that, if we want more Star Wars, we will be forced to read about their EU.

Or that they might try to buy up and destroy books and such from the current EU so that, if they don't completely replace it with theirs, they can make more money by re-releasing them with Disney's logo on them. I hear that's what they did with the original Tron--destroyed all the copies they could get their hands on so they could re-release it and make it cost more.

I realize that I am overreacting, being irrational, and probably vastly exaggerating the lengths Disney will go to in order to make money. But there's a part of me that has Thrawn and Lieutenant Kettch in a death grip, screaming "NOOOOOO!! SOMEBODY WAKE ME UP FROM THIS HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE!!!"