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Don't know if it's premades but there does seem to be some sort of newer gear disparity happening even with MK2s and all that. At least from my perspective. People joining PvP new don't have half as much of a grind and the MK2's a fair enough buffer but they're still entering into WZs where a WH Pyro will come and spike them in, like 3-4 GCDs or even less.

That's a morale thing. I have fine gear and it's hard to deal with a WZ where I'm running with half a team at 13k, sometimes with the match starting with six on my side, and generally facing classes which still are in need of tuning.

Some people stick with it. Some people have always stuck with it. Back through RNG bags and all kinds of things. But I think PvP might actually be in a worse place than it was back then. TTK for some specs is insanely high and does not balance out with the uptimes for tanks or other targets.

Disparity is huge. Have a well geared main. Tank. Easily get the minimum 8 medals and more. (I know, I know. Tank. Hublablabla). Even with some intro BM pieces from stocked coms...I just played with my DPS character and we got so stomped that my total medal gain was...1.

ONE. I don't know how that's possible even with someone incompetent behind the screen, let alone someone who knows what they are doing. And yet, uptime was so pitiful that not one of us could counter the enemy team.
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