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Your comment about GW2 has been noted. As I am unfamiliar with that games setup of servers, cross-server queueing, and population, there is no comparison that can be drawn, but thank you for mentioning it.

I've only quoted the paragraph above for a very simple reason. If you are asking someone to do -more- work then you are willing to do yourself, you are lazy. Plain, Simple, Truth.

Until you stop being lazy and simplistic in your thinking, it is unlikely we can engage in an equal conversation.
And here's my problem. That is exactly what you are doing. You are asking for a group of complete strangers, from different guilds and using different software(vent, ts, rw, etc) to magically come together and face off against a group of guildies using the same software, pre-organized before the match and fully aware of each others strengths and weaknesses.

Somehow the random strangers need to get the software downloaded, installed, get the channels setup, have everyone meet and greet and setup a strategy in the what.. minute before the match starts? Right..

But hey, lets just call the pug players lazy. That'll show them!

Look the system as is doesn't work. It rewards the people who don't want competition, who are in your own words too lazy to get organized for ranked warzones and much rather just stomp the undergeared, underprepared and unorganized pugs rather than face a team that'll actually challenge them. I don't think that asking a guild to create a full premade in order to compete in ranked PVP is somehow more of a stretch then asking complete strangers to organize themselves to face off against a premade. On the other hand, a completely random queue actually involves more of the player base, creating a vastly larger pool of players who will then start organizing themselves into their own premades to do ranked pvp that in the long term improves that aspect of the game as well.

It is a win/win situation.... except for those players seeking free kills and easy wins. I'd challenge you to prove me wrong, but well.. I've played games where such changes have been made and seen the results.
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We have very measurable statistics that tell us if people lose a certain number of Warzones in a row being stun locked by a team of Operatives, then that might be part of that, and they will be not as likely to re-subscribe.