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11.04.2012 , 04:29 PM | #352
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Doom, do you think what I said above would drive up q times much for anyone (if it is implemented well)? I don't think it will more than a few minutes. Also, and this is very important, very many people don't pvp that often anymore because of their bad experiences. If we make their experiences better then q times will go down due to more people q'n up.
If I read it correctly (and I apologize for not commenting earlier), you are suggesting that the matchmaking system actually take into account party size when setting up matches?

For example, 2 4man premades queue, 8 pugs. The game will -never- allow it to be the 2 premades vs the 8 pugs, but will instead match 1 premad+4 pugs to 1 premade+4 pugs.

If I understood that correctly, then I'd agree. It would still be inclusive (allowing 1-4 people to queue together) while leveling the playing field. I think with current populations it would raise queue times... but, cross server queueing would easily fix that.