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Well, here's the thing. I will refer everyone to what I said at the end of Ranked Kick Ball. To any who may consider putting their 'A' Teams together to face a group of players getting together to do Ranked Kick Ball, you should definitely reconsider. Getting a team together to oust a group of players trying to get better by coordinating together in an 8v8 will not have a positive impact for any of the players involved. The drive for Ranked Kick Ball is to set more people up with opportunities and exposure to Ranked PvP in terms of being in voice chat and coordinating together in a true 8v8 environment. Ultimately the long term goal should be to have more players/teams pushing to participate in Ranked War Zones.

On another note, to any who want to participate and are afraid that the Empire players will rain on our parade. I would have words with any of the Empire players that would consider doing such a thing. It may not change the outcome or prevent them from doing it, but if the Empire wants another Ranked Team besides Game Genie to form up, then it would behoove them not to interfere with Republic Ranked Kick Ball.

I'm going to shoot for Ranked Kick Ball on the Republic side this coming Friday at 8pm server time. I have the names of the players that have already posted, but just remember that certain gear and specs are required for Ranked PvP so you definitely want to do your homework before you find yourself highly offended that you aren't picked up for Ranked Kick Ball because the gear/spec that you're running is not practical for Ranked War Zones.

Thanks to all who responded thus far!

Edit: Also, to all who have responded or are interested. TeamSpeak 3 is mandatory for participation in Ranked Kick Ball.