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You know what came first to me, wth this game is going!? I've played 2 hours of Guild Wars 2 and got hooked and then there is this ***** of **** in the "star wars" universe. I'm one die hard Star Wars fan but it seems it wasnt enough
Yeah i had 6 days of early play, made a 50 trooper before the end of dec, quit in jan (just came back 4 days ago) and the reason wasnt so much graphics but being angry and how small the game was in comparison to some older MMO's out there.

I cant speak much on the dps balance thing because i'm not a pvp'er (i never understood what the big deal about that was in another mmo..but whatever) but I'm on a planet, but i cant explore the whole or even half the planet? I'm speeding along on a planet and theres this mountain range in the background..oh wait no its just a background.

You will never be able to ever make it to that mountain range. You can only explore in what ill call straight lines. You just cant go off on a tangent and find far off places, and battle some random strong npc that no one else has found yet.

Its easy to get long winded on this point because..heh i really love star wars and i'm still angry because this game should have been alot more..a whole lot more that what it is.
Sith lightning is just a rip off of Shaman lightning.