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oh so once again I'm right except this time you are finally admitting you are wrong. You are trying to make rationals out of things that aren't canon.

Especially when the cloning processes that Thrawn uses is supposed to be the same one used during the clone wars. I'm starting to think you NEVER read the Thrawn trilogy as you get basic things wrong. As for the Nohgri like I said before there was a battle. AFTER THE BATTLE Darth Vader came down and offfered the EMPERORS help to them.

Now you have to remember the frame of refernce. When this was written all we had was the original trilogy. So all we had was "Anakin fought in the clone wars." and "Darth vader betrayed and joined the Emperor and hunted down the Jedi"
So we have a betrayl by Anakin and him joining the Emperor. Remember we had no idea what the Clone wars were at this time. Not even Lucas really knew. That is why the common thought was the Clone wars were about the Jedi vs the Emperor and his clones. This is evident from reading the Thrawn Trilogy and other sources.

This is why in the Thrawn Trilogy it is stated that the Nohgri are met by Darth Vader and the Emperor after a battle during the clone wars.

Time and time again I have proved you wrong and you just get all mr grumpy pants because you really have no idea whats going on in Star Wars.

I hope you appreciate these lessons as I school you in Star Wars lore.

concession accepted.
Get over yourself. As many times as I've proved you wrong and you STILL won't admit to any of them, I've schooled you WAY more than you think you've schooled me. A very wise man once said "Never argue with an idiot. They'll drag you down to their level and beat you with experience." Time for me to take that advice and stop arguing with you. My worst assumption was that you weren't one. You take George's word and twist it around. YOU decide what George means and what he doesn't. YOU refuse to see COMMON SENSE when it's right in front of your face. I read the Thrawn Trilogy last about 10 years ago. Do YOU remember everything you read 10 years ago? If so, good for you. I am conceding NOTHING to you, dude. I'm just sick of your attitude and you saying "I know what George means and what he doesn't mean". Seriously STOP THINKING YOU'RE GEORGE LUCAS! That's how you come across!
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