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This is interesting. I don't have the book yet so I haven't taken a look, but a few questions/things to discuss:

These are the exact words, at the very last page titled AN UNCERTAIN FUTURE. (its also got a big backdrop of Darth Malgus, indicating this guy is probably coming back, all hail Darth Malgus!


The Republic holds the advantage in the war against the Empire. Hope and confidence inspire millions following key triumphs and the defeat of the SITH EMPEROR by a Jedi strike team.

To ensure Republic victory, SUPREME CHANCELLOR SARESH personally oversees the war effort. With charm and passion, she rallies the masses and pledges to wipe the Empire from the galaxy.

On the orders of SUPREME COMMANDER JACE MALCOM, the Republic's armed forces wage a decisive war against the Empire using every weapon at their disposal.

As the Republic marches to battle, their fight bolstered by the Jedi Order. Guided by GRAND MASTER SATELE SHAN, the Jedi once more seek to defend peace and cleanse the galaxy of Sith corruption.

For the first time since the war broke out, victory is in sight. Guided by leaders new and old, the Republic battles with renewed strength to defeat the Empire once and for all...

As you can see is also flowers and rainbows on the Republic side, not so much for the Empire...


The Sith Empire reels from its near destruction at the hands of MALGUS THE BETRAYER (forgot to mention this, he's got a title now), the once revered Imperial war hero. While Malgus's rebellion erupted in failure, the fire of his revolution lives on.

Rampant dissatisfaction rots the core of the Empire. Military leaders lose faith in the fight. Sith Lords once united against the Republic now abandon the Empire to embark on bold power grabs. And amidst the chaos, Imperial worlds begin falling to the Republic.

As the Empire loses its grip on the galaxy, rumors rage about the assassination of the SITH EMPEROR. The Republic celebrates, but the citizens of the Empire know only that their supreme leader is absent when they need him most.

But hope still burns in millions of Imperial hearts. DARTH MARR steps forward from his Dark Council seat to guide the Empire's resurgence. Aliens join the Imperial ranks, as Sith recognize the wisdom of Darth Malgus's inclusive ideas. Loyal Sith and patriotic soldiers fight to repel the oppressive Republic, not knowing that the key to the Empire's victory is close at hand...
Those final words are the most interesting. My theory is that internal divisions within the Empire are going to dominant most of the Imp Characters storylines, especially the SI and IA. The BH and SW are probably going to be more focused on fighting the Empire, although the BH may also be taking out Imperial threats as well. Characters like Grand Moff Regus are rumoured to rebel, and then there's the Dread Masters. After a large period of rebelling and unfication attempts by Darth Marr (who I expect will become the new face of the Empire - Replacing Malgus/the Emperor if you like, flashpoint guy as well etc.) the Empire will suddenly discover this 'key to victory' and the storylines will become focused on whatever that is. This will if you like, be the Empire's Last Gasp - a huge assault of some form with massive Imperial victories and colossal Republic losses, it shall be epic. However when the climax is reached, BAM, our buddy the Sith Emperor turns up, threatening to bring the galaxy to its knees. Both factions are forced to address this threat, and the Empire becomes a casualty, the action of rebelling against their leader bringing them crumbling down and so ending the Great Galactic War. (I expect the final part, the collapse of the Empire, will be covered in a separate work, either a book or a stand-alone videogame with a roleplay focus) As for Darth Malgus, I am unsure how he will fit in to this, only time will tell.

EDIT: Had a thought about Malgus. The Empire has to discover this 'key to victory' somehow, so perhaps it is Malgus. Lets assume he lives, and flees into the Unknown Regions as Wookiepedia pretends his does, what does he find their, what has he already found their? During the Cold War Malgus concerned himself with expanding the Empire's territories in the Outer Rim, perhaps he found ancient Rakata Technology (Rakata seems a defining feature of the Old Republic Era) or some other form of weapon. He already had control over the foundry so that could have lead to some clues. So perhaps Malgus returns with this new power, and is reaccepted into the Empire (who by know will have accepted his is right) and this knew power is used against the Republic, with Malgus and Marr at the helm, and the Emperor scheming in the shadows.