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umm I did post things to back up all my arguements. It's not my fault you haven't read the Thrawn Trilogy.

The cloning procses used in the thrawn trilogy needs islamri to keep the force away. They are also able to grow fully grown clones inside of 20 days.

In ATOC we learn they clone them to the age of kids and then use accelerated growth techinics to train them and they grow up to full clone soldiers.

In Thrawn they keep them in the tubes until they are mature.

So you finnally realized how wrong you are and have decided to just put me on ignore. That's fine with me you always were bad at debating over lore and canon.

Concession accepted.

I just had a vision of Captain_ZOne twtiching like Sheldon and then his head exploding due to the fact he can't admit he has been wrong all this time.
I concede nothing to you, besides the fact that since I just looked it up, the cloning process is slightly different. I was wrong about the cloning process, due to not having read the series in quite a while. So what? Doesn't change the fact that there could be other cloning processes out there that you didn't know about. Your rigid view of "It's the only one, there can't be any others" is inherently flawed and wrong. Why don't you get that?

I saw your reply on the "Does George still have any say in what Disney does" thread and that actually gave me a lot of insight into your way of thinking. Do you know for a fact that he didn't put a clause in the contract that gives him limited creative input or oversight? No. Unless you are in fact George Lucas or the CEO of Disney, you do not. Leland Chee, on the other hand, knows how to make puzzle pieces fit when the puzzle itself changes. He allows for other points of view besides the POV of the characters involved in the story itself. Seriously, dude. Just stop before you make an even bigger fool of yourself.

Now, you can stop replying. You are officially /ignored.
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