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11.04.2012 , 01:16 PM | #334
There isnt a single good xcuse or justification for solo queue..any what so ever that makes sense.

one thing is solo queuing because ur bored and cba to group at that point...or u need a fast daily...or you are burning time for something.

now..WANTING to solo queu?! in an online mmo?!where interaction is necessary?

like i said...stop being socially awkward wierdos...not being able to be socialy active outside your house is one thing..but online??!?!?you need help

premades getting in one estimate time- 10-15 mins

pmaking your own premade depending on the gear/skill cap you require- 5-20 mins

so xcuse to not be in one,..

team...TEAM PLAY

solo----NOT TEAMplay