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I keep seeing vanguard dps stand at a distance the whole time, then turn around and complain they are underpowered. When I tell them to try getting in melee range, they always argue, "we're not a melee class."

If you're a tank, your stock strike will always trigger ion cell. If you don't trigger ion cell, you can't use high impact bolt. If you do use high impact bolt while ion cell dot is active on the enemy, you will trigger ion cell again with high impact bolt and an ion cell aoe as well. The only way to guarantee you have ion cell on your enemy is to stock strike because it's a 100% chance to trigger ion cell. Not only that, but every time you sheild an attack, you have a 50% chance to reset stock strike. That said, stock strike will probably become your highest single target damage source because of the constant resets. If you aren't in range for stock strike you are crippling your dps/threat.

Tactics vanguards only effective source of dot is gut. Again, high impact bolt requires you to have a dot up. Not only that, but your gut and stockstrikes have a 25% cance to give you a high impact bolt auto crit. Also every time ion pulse do damage you have a 30% chance to get a free stock strike, and a 100% chance if you use fire pulse. If you aren't in melee range, you're passing up free damage. Also you generate pulse generator which makes your next pulse cannon do 60% more damage and slow enemys by 70% and is immune to interrupt when fully charged. The only way to effectively make use of it is to stand in melee range. Running in and out of melee range is just wasting dps.

If you're assault, Ion pulse gets a 45% chance to reset and make your next high impact bolt free, but stock strike gets a 60% chance (not to mention it does more damage). And if they're burning (and they should be) that free high impact bolt will recharge one ammo. That means that high impact bolt will generate ammo instead of cost ammo. And considering high impact bolt is your hardest hitting none dot attack, you need to get off as many high impact bolts as possible. The only way to maximize that is if you are in range for stock strike.
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