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11.04.2012 , 12:08 PM | #332
Since people have gotten side-tracked trying to find every possible scrub way to insult me, (Lol, btw, didn't work) perhaps I should restate the real issues.

The real issue is two fold.

First being that a solo only queue takes the team out of team play. No matter what the matchmaking system is, there should ways be an option to form your team. Team play is what ToR is based on, which is why there is no free-for-all match, no straight up death match. So moan all you like about gear gap (I hate it too, I just got over it), but getting rid of people playing together isn't the answer.

Second is population limits. Currently, most server's populations can't handle a split queue like that. Both Solo queue'rs and team players would suffer from extended queue times. I've seen people here say things like "so premades have longer waits? idc, I've got my solo queue." Well talk about the pot calling the kettle black. Not giving a **** about other people's wait times so you can be a 1 vs 1 Hero in Pug Wars is pretty damn low.

I don't believe I've said anything against a better matchmaking system, but until cross server queue's show up populations will suffer the longer the game takes to try and put together a match. That being said, even with a better matchmaking system, solo only brackets should never exist.

Now, can someone, anyone on the "1v1 Hero" defense force please give us an honest answer of why making a few friends is so hard?