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In what scenario would they even meet to hatch this plan? Why would she risk creating such a potentially powerful child who could be turned and used against the republic? Why would she think that this child would even make a difference in the conflict? If such a child could make a difference, why not create it with a powerful jedi? Both sides recruit force users. From Malgus's pov, why not do so with a powerful sith? Why give Shan such a weapon to raise as a jedi? These aren't the only powerful force users in the galaxy. The logic doesn't hold together. Beyond that, there's a level of creepy in two people that have such disrespect for each other cold-bloodedly having sex to create such a child that will turn many readers away right from word go.

You don't need to create such an extreme and dubious plot to make an interesting story. All you need is to create interesting characters with believable motivations and put then in a situation requiring action with some obstacles, both personal and situational.