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11.04.2012 , 11:57 AM | #7
Hrmm well, truth be told i didnt have any clue about there being different types of dummies out there. And well apparently i stand corrected very badly, only 1.5k dps on the MK5 ops dummy over a span of 7minutes (discounting warm up and the end when a sentinel jumped it, i doubt guaranteeing crits with force potency would have helped much). Gueess i've just been having pure luck during raids with my dps compared to my guildies. If i am supposed to hit 200-300dps higher on that dummy. Gueess i'll read up on that thread (didnt even know there was a forum outside of this one).

Now i'm left wondering if i should just delete my previous post...

edit: i just realised my brain also farted on the patches and the items they included. I'm only 1.3 specced (bad luck on the 1.4 item rolls).
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