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I honestly don't see what the problem is with dps merc. I love my merc in pvp. I mostly play arsenal spec but from time to time will dip into pyro for a game or two. I think alot of the problem is that the majority of people that play merc / commando in pvp (and players in genera) have been misled into thinking they cannot compete. Reading threads like this (there are numerous) it is obvous that 1. the majority of players belive merc dps = bad in pvp and 2. everyone disagrees why. Anyways thats my observation, please proceed making incoherent complaints / demands.
I primarily play a powertech and marauder and the merc class by far the easiest kill when it comes to pvp. And this is an observation shared by many and unlike you they have expressed what the issues are and even suggested methods on how to alleviate some of the issues plaguing this inferior ac.

BTW, when are you gonna post a youtube of your arsenal merc doing excellent in a RWZ?