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First of this is balance spec:

1890 Only 3 minute log (also on the fleet dummy), i got bored doing my rotation on that. iirc, that is with the 'clipping' of my dots. I had all 4 class buffs, and an exotech resolve stim active at the time. The log after that i tried watching my rotation and ended up with a slightly lower dps more close to 1790.

With clipping:
Without clipping: (for some reason it doesnt recognize it as a combat so you have to manually select begin & end times)

I might just be doing the 'non clipping' thing wrong though.

My gear (with the 3% crit bonus en the willpower bonus from skilltrees) puts me currently at 33-34% crit change, 78-79% surge, and somewhere along the lines of 1000-1100 bonus power (i'll check and update these numbers once i'm ingame).

Gear wise i use a warhero and a champion relic (i also have activated power campain & dot on damage campain, but i figured plain boost of power the whole time was just better).

I dont have any dreadguard gear yet, but i'm pretty much full on campain/black hole level gear in all slots, except for a rakatta armoring in my belt. I also use battlemaster gloves & boots for the set bonus (stripped the originals empty and slotted it with blackhole parts) giving me the 2 piece pve and 2 piece pvp set bonus. (reduced force cost on telekinetic throw and reduced cooldown for mind crush + self healing for every tick of mind crush).

k updated numbers:
Bonus Damage: 1027.7 (2155 will, 1084 power, 1298 force power, 48.9 from skills/buffs)
Crit Chance: 32.09 (2155 will, 116 crit, 9% from buffs/skills)
Crit Multi: 78.44 (399 surge)
Activation Speed: 5.70 (courtesy of the +power +alac implants)

Side note: by minmaxing to increase my power/willpower in exchange for less endurance i lost about 3k hp for maybe an extra 100-200dps on the dummy, which in actual combat results in a lesser visible increase but as long as bosses dont start one shotting yet i'm not overly worried.
I'm pretty sure you weren't hitting the Operations dummy. Instead i think you were hitting the "strong" dummy which has a lower armor value. I thought 1600 damage was a bit high for a telekinetic throw tick. Also you need to parse over 5mins+ to get an accurate reading.

I'm not sure what you were trying to acheive by your post, but some of your base understanding of the class is very wrong.

You really shouldn't be using the 2-set PVP bonus. 4-set PVE give 5% alacrity with a very good uptime. I really suggest reading up on the BiS dps post on mmo-mechanics before you give false information to people.

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